Mary Ann Haack, Kindergarten Teacher

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Hello!  My name is Mary Ann Haack.  I have been teaching Kindergarten for 25 years, all of them here at St. James. I feel blessed to work in an atmosphere where I can share my faith with children and help them learn about God’s love. I am very proud to be part of the St. James Staff.

I was born in Southern Minnesota (New Ulm). I am the middle child of three. I have an older brother who is a radio producer for Iowa public radio and I have a younger sister in MN  who is also a Kindergarten teacher. I am a graduate from Edgewood College with a BA in Elementary Education. I am licensed by the state of WI to teach grades PreK - 3rd grade.

My husband and I live on the East side of Madison. When I am not in the classroom I enjoy rubber stamping, baking, walking, and embroidery. My husband and I like playing board games, watching old movies, and visiting cafes. I am not coffee drinker but I LOVE hot chocolate anytime of the year. Red is my favorite color and fall is my favorite season. I collect Willow Tree Angels and cookie cutters. My favorite snacks are muffins, cheese and crackers and dark chocolate!

Kindergarten is a time for children to expand their love of learning, their general knowledge of the world around them, and their ability to get along with others. We are a family here at St. James and families come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Our Kindergarten classroom is a happy, loving, and nurturing place where each child can feel safe and confident which is a solid foundation for building a positive self-esteem. It is my philosophy that when a child has a healthy self-esteem the sky is the limit of what can be accomplished.

I love teaching Kindergarten. It inspires me to see happy and excited children everyday!

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