Student Faith Walk 2019


St. James students participated in an all-school Faith Walk on Friday, October 18th, to explore the rich variety of religious traditions alive in Madison. Leaders shared their faith experiences and answered myriad questions posed by students. Whether sitting beneath the sukkah at Beth Israel Center, or exploring a scavenger hunt at Grace Episcopal Church, students enjoyed a day devoted to appreciating all faiths. Many thanks to:

  • Beth Copelovitch of the Beth Israel Center

  • Dr. Ibrahim Saeed of the Islamic Center of Madison

  • Tyler Nylen at Fountain of Life Covenant Church in Madison

  • Subbu Ravi of the Hindu Temple & Cultural Center of Wisconsin

  • Pastors at Grace Episcopal Church

  • Lhundup Chowng and Sherab at Deer Park Buddhist Center

The women at the Islamic Center cleared up stereotypes about women in the region, not the religion, and how they are powerful in the Islamic faith. The everlasting light in the Beth Israel Center showed God is always present.
— Elijah & Lilly
I think that the faith walk was a fun opportunity to learn about other religions. When we think about certain cultures, some people mistakenly assume negative things, when really most religions are peaceful and do not harm others.
— Abby
The Faith Walk was an incredible experience where we learned about the history and cultures of different religions, I learned about their beliefs and rituals and how they compare to the Catholic religion. I had an amazing time and have better awareness and knowledge about Hindu, Judaism, and Islamic faith.
— Jacob
The Fountain of Life services are about two hours long! Tyler said they are loud, long, intense and energetic.
— Carli
The Faith Walk was very memorable and I learned a lot about all the different religions. My favorite part was learning about the Jewish faith.
— Grayson
The entire Faith Walk was about shattering barriers and getting to know different religions.
— Tobias
I learned about the five pillars of Islam and how they need to donate some of their income to whoever needs it. I learned how Muhammad was a teacher and not supposed to be worshipped as a deity. My favorite part was when we went to a Hindu temple and learned with Subbu.
— Barret
The Faith Walk made me grow closer to my faith by learning about other faiths. We went in depth with the core beliefs and the differences between our religions.
— George